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Stained Concrete - From simple to ellaberate, our design team can help.

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  • From decorative slabs to a more simple work, our professional design team can help.

  • As the best concrete company in Raleigh & nearby areas, we offer exceptional repair & installation services for your residential or commercial property.

  • Our local contractors provide excellent driveway, patio, & other exterior solutions for your home, our reviews even say so!

Concrete staining is not a term that the public knows very well. We think that this feeds into the notions most people have about concrete; that it is a rough, boring surface that is good for stability and for plugging gaps but is never going to look beautiful. This could not be further from the truth. Once you have had a discussion with us about how to change the look of concrete in a permanent manner, you will realise that there are so many things we can do to give a concrete block a new lease for life, a new shine and to make it a great new addition to your home and building. People will be surprised when they see it and will ask you how it was done! If this sounds good to you, get in touch now (all our contact details can be found here on the website) or, keep reading for more details!

What Kind Of Look Can Be Achieved?

Another misconception people have of concrete staining is that it is similar to painting. The truth is, if you were going to spread a lot of paint onto a concrete surface, the effect that would be achieved is not desirable. However, there is a solution! Concrete staining works well because it doesn’t just stick to the surface of the substrate. Instead the concrete is infused with deep colour and it gives off a shine and a hue that is vibrant and shiny. When people see your stained concrete floor or object, they won’t believe it when you tell them that it is concrete. Why? Because now it looks stylish, it fits in with you general decor or your area’s rustic aesthetic and it will be a beautiful addition to any home or work building. If you are still confused about the effect we can get with concrete, use a bowling balls as an example: they are deep and beautiful in terms of their colours and so it concrete, once we have been through it.

The Process

Initially, a conversation is the best place to start. We can get together or we can receive your specs, details and your requirements. Then, we will take a small amount of time to discuss, plan and put together a series of proposals for you to have a look at. The most important part of this bit is choosing the colour. It works in the same way that choosing a carpet or choosing a curtain means that you have to sit down with samples and choose the best option for you. This is entirely your decision and we will respect your choice, advise where we can and get the best plan going for the future project together.

How It Works

We use either acid or water-based staining solution to work on concrete. Then, a chemical formula causes it to seep into the concrete and give that deep hue that is so desirable! Get in touch today to book an appointment with us!

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